Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hey! It's Time for Hay!

Even though the calendar says May, if we're hauling hay then summer is here.  This year it was a new field....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up on Maple Grove (re: hills between Scotts Mills and Molalla, no cell service and all beautiful nature).  

We caravanned up there: 3 white pickups, 1 blue pickup, and 1 purplish-brownish-reddish minivan.  With two pizzas and a jug of water.  As we wound our way towards Scotts Mills, I couldn't help but think of all the movie scenes where the FBI or Secret Service are driving somewhere in long lines of black SUVs.  It was kind of like that.  Except a bit more Nitty Gritty.
(video goes day)

After passing through town we climbed up, up, up.  And when we rounded the final bend, the sky opened up and a huge golden field, studded with bales of hay, lay before us.  Towering fir trees bordered the field and sky.  Thunderstorms were a possibility in the forecast and I hoped that once we were back, and the hay was in the barn, that the skies would let loose.  Alas they did not. Still a gorgeous night though.

When you're hauling hay as a kid, you have two jobs: 1. Stay out of the way and, 2. Get the bales lined up for the haulers.  

If you're Greg, your job is to be....well...Greg.

(at some point I'll figure out how to insert video here too)

The haulers weren't going to eat until we got back (re: after 8:00 pm) so we grabbed a couple large pies to keep the junior haulers from getting too hangry.  With the air thick and the energy high, it was needed.

Lauren was instantly in love with the farm pups.  And Ethan's son, Henry, got a full dose of Fenn.  I hear he's recovering well.

One of the best things about farming is that while it's hard work...

It's also friendly work.

And sometimes silly work.

But it's definitely farm work.

And somehow, after all the hauling, there's still enough energy for chasing in the field and joy-riding in the grapes.

Oh...and unloading the loads.

All in all it was a successful haul.  And a good night.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Have Fun and Be Careful

Sometimes I have 2,948 memories or happenings that I want to commemorate on here and if I'm lucky, I get around to posting about one of them.  Clearly Lady Luck and I have been on the outs lately.  
But this morning I couldn't sleep so I had time to wonder.  And one of the things I thought about was my dear family.  Remembering the old times and thinking about what people are up to.  
I am absolutely insanely proud of my siblings.  Seriously, not only is no one in prison or missing an entire digit, but they are out and about doing amazing things and connecting with wonderful people, but they are also pursuing meaningful goals.
It's happened: everyone is an actual, bona fide adult.
That's right...these peeps

...are adults.

Which is shocking since we tried playing Texas Hold 'Em with a pinochle deck while smoking red licorice.

One guy is making Texas cooler while learning to make AMAZING food.

I mean seriously, right?

And this I really need to say more about what's going on here?

I didn't think so.

And won't find a busier guy than the one who is responsible for a few of these...

This guy runs and flies and commits and protects and...

 Nice work if you can get it.

And this dude...well, not much has changed.

Well, I mean there's this too...

Which is pretty spectacular.

And this gal, oh man.  New adventures, new digs and new bling.

 Couple of cool customers here too...

 And though we are all spread across this crazy world, it is ultimately a small place and with examples like this, I know that there are plenty of good times yet to come.  

So y'all have fun and be careful!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Farm Day

Yo.  Today was Sunday.  Gotta work on the farm Cousin Style.

 When you're really cold but your cousins think sitting in the bucket is a cool idea. (I taught Alana the Farmer's Blow today and she practiced diligently.  Clearly our next conversation will be about Aim and Landing Zone.)

Thankful for a Grandpops who makes hot chocolate.  Poor lil' cousin hands were f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g.

Greg is officially the most patient and awesome uncle/dad...dude had 5 kids on the backhoe and still managed to clear out blackberry bushes.  And a fence post. 
P.S. Flipping people off is a new concept in our house.

Teach them young. 

Yup.  It's poop.

 Teeny tiny mushroom growing in the hollowed out part of the log.

 Next weekend's to do list: mending fences.

 What happens when the nieces and nephews rush ahead of you and you shout at them "Don't get on the 4-wheeler until I get there!"  

When you hope that Uncle Greg will let you back on the backhoe with him if you stare at him with great big blue puppy dog eyes.

 Giraffe Tree.

 Giraffe Tree.  Note: Emmett sobbed on the way home because he didn't get to see the Giraffe Tree.  Dude was literally waiting for a giraffe. 

 The real work awaits.

Cyril is good in a pinch.

And last but not least: why is there a pile of oyster shells hidden under some bushes, way up on the hill?

Just kidding, here's the real last one: Happy Almost Spring!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Christmas & Back When

This year the extended Fenn Christmas looked a bit different than usual and it wasn't just because some people were missing.  And it was challenging for much of the family.  But sometimes it's the little things that help and this year pictures were one of those little hugs during this sometimes lonely part of transition.  Such a little thing, but sometimes so much.

 (antlers from the farm!)

Something about seeing Great Grandma Madeline and Great Grandpa Edgar Fennimore holding a sweet little baby.  How much it warms my heart to see Grandpa's smile in his mother's face.

Or hearing Uncle Mike ask to keep the picture of him on a horse, because he'd never seen it.  Or seeing Grandpa and his brothers hold their much shorter dad on their many Fenn siblings or cousins pictures have someone mounted on someone else? (answer: many)

Or seeing Grandma and Grandpa so young and full of hopes and dreams and lives yet to be lived.

And still smiling 25 years later...

And 50 years later....

There's something reassuring to not just know, but to see, that Grandpa has always been true to himself.  Always.

And last but not least, to know that these two party animals:

Are responsible for these:

On that note, I'll sign off and leave you with a little song that says it better than I ever could!

Forever Country 💕